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Meet the 2022 Lego Masters!
Get to know the Kiwi contestants set to battle it out over bricks

Lego fans will surely be excited to see their Lego dreams come to life on TVNZ's reality show Lego Masters NZ! Hosted by Dai Henwood along with his sidekick - brickmaster Robin Sather - this is the first New Zealand version of the show which originated four years ago out of the UK.... more

Brick buddies - Jono & Dan
"Lego building has not only shaped my life – it's saved my life," says Gisborne entrepreneur and father-of-three Jonathan Samson, 44, who says the mindful practice has helped him "survive the mental and physical challenges" he's had to face. This includes the death of his beloved dad when he was just 18, struggles with depression and being diagnosed with the deadly cancer lymphoma. Upper Hutt therapist Daniel Mulholland, 46, who met Jono at a 2017 Lego event, also credits the bricks with helping his mental health, explaining, "I've used building as a form of therapy during my ongoing battle with PTSD. It's something I work on every day and Lego has become part of my daily life."... more

Jono Samson puts his Lego obsession down to swallowing a piece of the plastic building blocks when he was a kid.

The Gisborne man takes his passion to a new level from Monday in the inaugural TV series of Lego Masters NZ. He is pictured holding an exclusive mini “LM” set given to him after going on the show. There are only 500 of these in the world.... more

Honest revelations from Lego-loving mates
“Lego saved my life.”

Those revealing words came from Gisborne man Jono Samson in the first episode of TVNZ series Lego Masters NZ last night.

Six pairs vying for the country’s inaugural Lego Masters crown were introduced to viewers before taking on “ArchipeLego” — a challenge which required them to create their own tourist destination.... more

In episode 2, the teams, including Gisborne’s own Jono Samson paired with Upper Hutt mate Dan Mulholland, had to design and build something that embodied one of six cricket-playing nations.

The 10-hour challenge was called Bowled Over and culminated in each creation being destroyed by a projectile fired from a special Lego bowling machine appropriately called “Trent” (after Black Caps international Trent Boult for you ignorant).... more

Telling their story through bricks
The six pairs were given half an object — a snare drum, lawn mower, carry-on suitcase, globe, barbecue and toy car — and had to finish the other half of it in typically out-there Lego style.

“Extend, expand, launch out,” enthused “Brick Master” and judge Robin Sather.

“It's not about recreating the other half. Use your imaginations.”... more

Lego locals win with ‘inspired choice’
FULL STEAM AHEAD: Iconic Gisborne steam train Wa165 was recreated by Gisborne man Jono Samson and his Upper Hutt teammate Dan Mulholland in last night's episode of Lego Masters NZ. The bridge it is on was then put through a 'bungy' weight test to see how much it could take. It broke at 25 kilograms and Jono and Dan were later named winners of the challenge. Facebook picture

THE INSPIRATION: Gisborne's steam train Wa165.

Imagination has no boundaries when it comes to the liberating world of Lego.... more

Spaceship beats bird
Jono and Dan, however, had it easier than the rest.

Having won the previous challenge, the pair's reward was twofold. They got to have two suspended bricks for their build and an extra 30-minute period they could use at any time while the other teams had to sit and watch.

That was to prove vital.... more

Lego Masters NZ: heart and soul put into winning work
The four remaining teams were required to design and build a “work of art” in one colour — hence the challenge's name, “Monochrome”.

Brick Master and judge Robin Sather said it would need to be something “worthy of sitting in a national gallery” and “draw an emotional response . . . as all great art does”.

“Your overall look and feel and aesthetic, we want you to move us with this piece. And of course story always has a place . . . make us marvel”.... more

Thinking outside the bricks
GAME ON: The Battle Bricks creation by Gisborne's Jono Samson and Upper Hutt mate Dan Mulholland was impressive but not enough to win direct entry to the grand final of Lego Masters NZ. Last night's challenge required the four remaining teams to build a table-top game.... more

‘Not one wasted brick in the scene’
“Let your imaginations go wild,” Brick Master and judge Robin Sather said when announcing teams were required to create a supernatural creature.

But as well as building up from an above base plate, they also had to build downwards from a below plate — essentially two challenges in one.

The above build had to incorporate movement; the below build, lighting.

“So find interesting and unique ways to integrate and blend your above and below builds.”... more

‘Heart and soul’ put into grand final build
The title-deciding episode was an open canvas.

“Today you build whatever you want,” Lego host Dai Henwood announced.

“This will be the hardest build of all,” Brick Master and judge Robin Sather warned them.

Jono and Dan started the series with a Kiwiana-themed build and decided to end it with another patriotic tribute.

They called their piece A Love Letter to New Zealand — a natural scene featuring all sorts of native creatures and starring a giant green tuatara perched on a log.... more

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