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workshops with bricks

we're busy creating high quality constructive workshops for you

we are currently in the research and development phase for bricks with purpose the global community and academy of bricks

watch this space

watch this space watch this space
we are researching and developing a new curriculum of brick challenge workshops for all ages

including the following:
colour sorting
part cataloguing
basic team building
blindfold challenge
trading bricks challenge
All-day challenge
NFT day challenge
brickfilms stop-motion challenge
3D modelling brick challenge
Blender and advanced NFT art creation... more


warning warning
excessive time spent with bricks and purpose may encourage feelings of fun - connectedness - empathy - a heightened sense of self-awareness - joy - compassion for others - quests of knowledge and open up the world of infinite possibilities

may leave you with a smile on your face - an insatiable enthusiasm - an idea in your mind - a drive in your heart - the world in your hands - boundless optimism and a burning desire to meet your future self... more

rules for engagement

rules for engagement rules for engagement
play well
consider those around you and be kind to each other

no brick heads
respect boundaries and use your brains creatively to solve problems

express yourself
be yourself - show us your weird - your wonderful - you favourite self... more

bricks and purpose

bricks and purpose bricks and purpose
With the proper support networks, neurodiverse people make the advances in science, take the biggest strides in technology, create the best educators, are our smartest mathematicians and produce our most incredible art.

Without the proper support systems, they become our uneducated, our unemployed, our undervalued and our worst statistics.

We want to seek out our neurodiverse and lead them on a journey of self-discovery so they too can go from bits and pieces to bricks and purpose.... more

we ran workgroups

we ran workgroups we ran workgroups
we’ve developed a survey and ran test workgroups with a range of different activities

we asked participants to rate their current level of happiness - mood - connection to other workgroup members and creativity before and after participating

in all surveyed there was a measurable increase in overall happiness and well-being after the two hour exercise... more