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Creating dreams out of bricks.


Piwakaka (Fantail)

Piwakaka (Fantail) Piwakaka (Fantail)
*** PRESALE *** NZ Native Fauna Signed Limited Edition Piwakawaka (Fantail's) Own an original LEGO Art creation by Jonathan Samson to keep on your mantle or gift to a friend. Strictly limited run of only 100 pairs of Piwakawaka available. *** PRESALE *** Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from close of presale.... more

bricks with purpose

bricks with purpose bricks with purpose
Watch the video - buy a brick to show your support
If you want to get on board with our vision and support our cause
Click the highlighted link to watch a video and to purchase a brick for $100... more

what is #grablifebythebricks?

what is #grablifebythebricks? what is #grablifebythebricks?
#grablifebythebricks is an arts academy created to help neurodiverse and their community to have a place to explore metacognition through play and art
imagine a place where there is only love, support, compassion and a world of empathy - people are polite and generous, everybody is happy to help anytime - a community of caring, kind and wonderful people who are all wanting to spread knowledge and love... more

understanding ADHD

understanding ADHD understanding ADHD
"Psychiatrist and author William W. Dodson, MD, estimates that by age 12, children who have ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages from parents, teachers, and other adults than their friends and siblings who do not have ADHD."

More than 20% of children with ADHD have set fires in their communities.
More than 30% have engaged in theft.
More than 40% drift into early tobacco and alcohol use.
More than 25% are suspended or expelled from high school because of serious misconduct.

Within the first 5-10 years of independent driving, adolescents and adults with ADHD have four to five times as many citations for speeding, two to three times as many auto accidents, accidents that are two or three more costly in terms of damages or likelihood of causing bodily injury, and three times as many traffic citations as young as drivers without ADHD.... more

what are you trying to achieve?

what are you trying to achieve? what are you trying to achieve?
#grablifebythebricks lives and breathes so we can all learn a bit about neurodiversity and how it affects all of us.
So we can learn to understand, accept and embrace our differences encourage help each other along the way
join the alphabet kids and brick buddies to help others find their way in the world through creativity and play... more

Mindfulness Month

Mindfulness Month Mindfulness Month
August is Mindfulness Month so I created some videos using my notebook.... more