who am i?

i'm the brick guru

who are you?
i have spent years working behind the scenes in events, infront of the scenes and around the scenes

i have run businesses in fast foods, film & tv and information technology

i have worked for education facilities, taught film & tv and information technology

i have photographed sporting events, racecar events, weddings, graduations, and school photos

i have led workgroups for business mentors and team building activites for corporate groups

i have filmed sporting events, some on wheels, on and under the water, short films, music videos and brick films

i have written about and created brick displays and honed my brick artistry and talent

i have a vision of engaging in meaningful, interesting conversations, in a playful and creative environment

i have an offer for my kids of something that i never had that would have helped me see my true value a lot earlier... more

the programming of undiagnosed ADHD
sit up straight don’t slouch sit still stop daydreaming boys don’t cry put on a brave face suck it up princess get over it because that’s the way you are supposed to do it stiff upper lip she’ll be right mate stop bottling things up you’re so intense don’t express yourself so much you’re too sensitive the boy needs to toughen up everybody else can remember to look after themselves if only you applied yourself it’s so simple why can’t you get it are you stupid or something

why aren’t you paying attention... more

a good dentist never gets on your nerves - the brothers brick
i spent almost two years writing for internet LEGO magazine the brothers brick, during which time i met some wonderful online brick buddies and got to participate in bringing some of the most wonderful LEGO creations to light through my writing - sometime's I even got to write about my own creations (MOCs)

one of my favourite brick builds; built during the height of my darkest days i created this dentist chair to look nice and clean while hiding sinister undertones - just look at the trolly laden with devious devices... more

jack of all trades - having ADHD sucks - but not knowing you have it is worse!
spare a thought for the gifted kid with a basket of extraordinary talents who floundered through life with a string of broken promises - dreams, broken bones and hearts only ended up as a burned out - depressed - and anxious middle aged - shell of the person he once one was - labeled as disordered and dysmorphic - only to discover that he was neurodivergent... more

ADHD association newsletter
as a child I was a good boy, a people pleaser, a sensitive, extroverted entertainer who was quick of wit and sharp of tongue. A wee bright spark that life appeared to came naturally to. Gifted with a very visual mind I gravitated to LEGO as a kid as a way of creativity and also escape. I stopped playing around the age of 17 and left home and went off the rails around the age of 19 - not long after my father died of cancer.... more

maori/crown hui at manutuke marae
So I stood up and spoke to (acting) Prime Minister Kelvin whats-his-name about Education, Mental Health and the Maori Culture at the Maori/Crown relations hui out at Manutuke Marae today.

Because, you know, as a non-educated non-Maori non-Crown Alphabet Kid I've got some pretty strong opinions about stuff and things and I figured everyone deserved to hear what I had to say because sometimes I really love having ADHD.... more

startup tairawhiti impact
Kia ora whanau, tena koutou katoa. Ko Jonathan ahau, ko Titrangi te Maunga, ko Turangi te Awa, ko Samson to Hapu, Ko Tairawhiti te rohe, ko Honda Odyssey te waka.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am from Gisborne.

I'm a writer, entrepreneur, videographer, troubleshooter, comedian, photographer, IT Guy, Husband, Father of Three and Adult Fan of LEGO.... more

yet another LEGO day in napier - this time s window display that stayed weeks
this time i wanted to create something for the window so that i could leave it unattended.

i was inspired by my two favourite LEGO pirate ships, the black pearl and the imperial flagship.

i imagined an imperial fort with stables, black smith accommodation and ale house.... more

toyworld LEGO display
the following year a little more starved of time due to the recent arrival of one or more of my sons, i managed to scramble together something for a display.

it is always a delight to see the looks on people's faces when they notice little details of the build.

the smiles and giggles of joy building my art creates is worth every hour of the creation.

again meeting more brick buddies and and having a great day out with the kids.... more

first lego day in napier
i had not long got back into my passion, maybe a year or two, when dave my local LEGO dealer asked if i had anything i could present for a LEGO day they were having.

i said i had a train and gorge creation i had been working on and i would see if i could fit in in the car - ended up driving it two and half hours to the Napier Toyworld for the day.

i got to meet southern hemispheres first LEGO certified professional builder Ryan McNaught.

i ended up making some new brick buddies and it started a long relationship with the LEGO community in Napier and later Wellington.... more

first creations in years
LEGO was always my favourite toy growing up in Middle Zealand, until around the age of 16 when i was told i was too old for toys. 16 years of Dark Ages later i decided you are never too old for toys and became hooked again with 7477 T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex and have since amassed over a hundred thousand bricks to facilitate his MOC building obsession.
When not working or spending time with family Jonathan is usually sorting LEGO.... more

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