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we need brick leaders

With the proper support networks, neurodiverse people make the advances in science, take the biggest strides in technology, create the best educators, are our smartest mathematicians and produce our most incredible art.

Without the proper support systems, they become our uneducated, our unemployed, our undervalued and our worst statistics.

We want to seek out our neurodiverse and lead them on a journey of self-discovery so they too can go from bits and pieces to bricks and purpose.

myths and legends

Re-creating the Maori Myths and Legends using bricks. Introducing the rich and powerful narratives of the pre-colonial stories of Aotearoa to help all New Zealanders understand the culture and history of our specific pacific island nation.

first contact

Teaching history through play, Tairāwhiti has a very rich and colourful history that is not being taught as well as it could. Let us recreate the first contact moment between our cultures from both sides using bricks as the medium of discovery.

tairawhiti 2050

Discovering the future through play, Tairāwhiti is the first region in the world to experience the new day. Let us own that responsibility and lead the way. What do we want to see for Tairāwhiti 2050? Let us create the future we want using play to design the world we want to leave for our kids.

build a pa

Teaching culture through play, Tairawhiti has a wonderful mix of cultures that when integrated can teach us all about ourselves, our environment, our past, our present and our future. Let us build a recreation of a traditional Pā to help us visualise the rich and colourful history of Aotearoa.