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full steam ahead on this classic engine!

full steam ahead on this classic engine!

I love a build with a good backstory. BobDeQuatre has created a story of a family of three speeder racers, starting with Thomas Hendricks building a prototype repulsor engine in his workshop. Making good use of stickered bricks and complete with a raised drafting area with chalkboard and designing table, Thomas’s workshop looks great.

The birth of the greatest repulsor engine

Take a peek under the hood as we explore three generations of racers using variations of this amazing marvel of modern machinery.

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UK based builder Nick Sweetman has created a fantastic build for Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday). My new favorite LEGO creature – the lobster – is helping himself to a bottle of something from the sink as the Chef and his new apprentice create delicious floor pancakes for the annual holiday. But I guess you should expect floor pancakes when you hire a butcher to operate the frying pan!

Pancake Day

Who will win is anyone’s guess as these delightful poseable figures go brick head to brick head. Featuring fantastic custom LEGO minifig capes, these custom BrickHeadz designed by Kale Frost are simply brilliant! The scene pits two of DC’s most popular superheroes against each other in a friendly game, as these characters battle it out across the table. Judging by the pieces left on the Chess board, it looks like Superman is losing pieces faster than a speeding bullet.

Batman Vs Superman

See more of these superheroes

Early civilizations considered the Praying Mantis to have supernatural powers. I couldn’t tell you if this mantis by takamichi irie has any powers, but it does have samurai swords and LEGO claws to serve as its raptorial forelegs! I love how the builder has used minifig hands to represent the hairs on the mid and hind legs. Takamichi has done well to capture the shape of the mighty mantis at this scale.


This brilliant minifig scale Zeta-class cargo shuttle by Renegade Clone is by far my favorite vehicle from Rogue One. Looking like a turtle on its belly with its flippers up, this ship looks exactly like the one in the film – the builder has captured it just perfectly. It’s definitely in my top two along with the Rebel U-Wing.

Zeta-class (infiltration)

With a wonderful orange highlighted belly and forward hatch that opens with plenty of room for the cargo crates and *spoilers*, the builder used LEGO Digital Designer for rapid prototyping during the construction and an estimated 4000 LEGO bricks to create this UCS quality model. But then Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is pretty cool too, so it’s easily in my top three.

Zeta-class (forward 3/4 view)

Check out the Flickr album to see work in progress pics and more *spoilers*. A brilliant replica of one of my favorite ships …until LEGO brings out a Hammerhead Corvette, that is!

This sexy sky-fi creation by perig perig, inspired by concept artist Ian McQue, is incredibly detailed, with beautiful vibrant colors and red striping that presumably serve to avoid mid-air collisions. This simple yet elegant beauty looks like it could be sailing between high rise buildings in the not too distant future.

flying boat

It is very reminiscent of Mr. Kim’s flying food cart in the Fifth Element. The Chinese lanterns strung across the rigging and the tendrils hanging from the hull are quite ingenious. But my favorite detail is that quirky roof on the small aft cabin.

Built in transparent blue over white and grey, the sparkling azure water in this scene by Sergeant Chipmunk looks incredibly inviting. The three watchtowers use fantastic color schemes and a not quite “legal” technique to create wonderful shapes, standing on rocks with nary a stud to be seen and dabs of color that bring life to the vibrant scene. But the stand-out feature for me is the organically curved sail made out of leaves.

Standing in the Sea

We’re in the pipe, five by five, with Daniel Schlumpp‘s stunning UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship from the movie Aliens. Featuring fold-out missile pods, working front landing gear and a fold down ramp, this amazing replica looks like it could be coming around for a seven zero niner any minute.

Lego UCS Aliens Dropship

Daniel designed his creation digitally first, and experimented with rendering it with this great night-time shot.

Lego Alien's Dropship 3D Render

If you liked this UD-4L Cheyenne dropship, you might like these LEGO versions featured on The Brothers Brick previously:

We have featured Ordo‘s work before with his recording studio and RWBY diorama, but until now we hadn’t featured any of the builder’s brilliant original Star Wars vignettes. In the scene below — the fourteenth in Ordo’s series — a beautifully constructed background creates the perfect staging for a great action-packed scene on the back of the seriously listing speeder.  With its bonnet stripes made from minifig seats, wind shields made from sunroof visors sitting in hinge pieces and lovely natural looking effect of the flaming engine, it is truly the star of this vignette. But the masterstroke is the unseen fate of the smoking abandoned speeder bike plowing into a wall at 400 mph somewhere left purely to the imagination.

Going down - Star Wars

Click the photo to see the builder’s backstory for the scene, and check out some of Ordo’s other episodes below.

At the temple - Star Wars    Off into the sunset ! - Star Wars     Hot pursuit - Star Wars

The scenes are beautiful, the story is compelling, and I really want to know what happens next! Read all fourteen episodes yourself in Ordo’s photostream.

Both my father and my grandfather were train drivers, so you could say trains are in my blood. When I saw this incredibly accurate classic steam engine by Britishbricks, I just had to share it. In Great Western Railway dark green, this beauty is very reminiscent of the classic British engines from the 1950s and 60s. There are so many things to enjoy about this beauty: check out the tip of the pirate hook and black sausage front buffer, along with the LEGO rubber bands as ribs around the boiler. From the working wheel assembly and Power Functions all the way to the tail of the coal tender, this spectacular replica has steamed its way into my heart.

WIP LNER/BR V2 Gresley

One of the coolest scenes from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was the memorable battle of Helm’s Deep. German builder KevFett2011 has created a beautiful rendition of this in micro-scale, using only a monochromatic palette. Kevin captures the essence of the fortress of Aglarond nestled into brick-built mountains perfectly, and I love how he has used levers to represent the attacking Uruk-hai pikemen. If you squint a little and look really close you can almost see Gimli and Legolas arguing over who has the highest body count.

The Lord of the Rings- The Battle of Helm's Deep

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