so what if a few people have to die? that’s show business, baby!

so what if a few people have to die? that’s show business, baby!

If a picture paints a thousand words, then this picture paints a boatload. This wonderful creation by aardwolf_83 shows that many shapes are possible with our beloved plastic brick. The smoothly curving lines of the rounded hull give this ship a buxom appearance as it sits heavily on the water, displacing a painstakingly sculpted bow-wave. The subtle hints of dark green and yellow along the line of this curvaceous craft, the shield crests, and the custom paper sail all add to the character.

CCCXIV - The Lord of the Isles

The vessel comes complete with a ballista, brick built anchor, spear-holding golden figurehead, and a working tiller and rudder system! The real treat is inside however, where it has a full interior and (as an added bonus) you can see the clips the builder has used to attach the exterior hull pieces to the frame.

CCCXIV - The Lord of the Isles

Marvel at the might and majesty of Mark of Falworth‘s magnificent Clarendon Castle – one of the last entries in the Classic Castle Competition, and in this fan’s opinion one of the best. The model is 4ft x 5ft (1.2m x 1.5m) and weighs in at a hefty 110lbs (50kg). It took over four months to build, the last half being completed in just two weeks with the help of the builders’ brother.

(CCC14) Clarendon Castle
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LEGO builder ~J6Crash~ designed this model of his parents’ home and presented it to them as a Christmas gift. An impressive miniature representation of their Vermont home, the creation took a summer to design with Lego Digital Designer and support from a brother to help fund.

My House

The building looks marvelous with its dark orange coloring and dark roof (painted only for authenticity to the original), lovely pool, manicured gardens and large deck, and looks like it belongs on the cover of House & Garden magazine. Assembled from around 5,000 parts and measuring 17.5 in x 15.5 in x 8 in (44.7 cm x 39.1 cm x 20.5 cm), it works out to around 1 stud for every 2 feet. The builder notes their parents really enjoy it — now they just need to figure out where to put it.

This rustic fortified tavern by Guilherme Santos is a little delight: the chimney with smoke from the warm hearth, the barmaid offering weary travelers a place to rest and recharge, the knight and his traveling companion walking through the archway of intricate stonework under the tower, with lovely details like the wooden supports sticking out of the stone.

Guarded Inn

The flags flying over the crossbowman on the parapet, the unusual shape of the base, the subtle use of foliage and the small touches of wear and tear, the ramshackle look of the roof of the Inn, the cobbled stone work of the tower and characters chosen to tell the story of this Guarded Inn all add a sense of authenticity and realism.

Guarded Inn

But the coolest thing about this creation is that its based on the classic LEGO castle set 6067 Guarded Inn. The builder has honored the essence of the original while up-scaling and brought their own unique style to it.

Modeled on the Messerschmitt BF 109, the backbone of the Luftwaffe’s fighter force in World War II, these digitally rendered beauties created by Lego Pilot would have given the P51 Mustang a run for it’s money. Beautifully rendered using the app Blender, it’s getting difficult to spot real models from computer generated ones. Either way, you wouldn’t want to have a pair of these on your six.

Bf 109 G-2

Who hasn’t developed a soft spot for Robin from the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie? It’s clear that LEGO 7 certainly has, and what a fantastic job he has done capturing the essence of the character with this adorable creation. The first things you notice about Dick Grayson’s creatively-posed alter ego are the googly eyes, windswept hair and goofy smile. The bespectacled boy wonder sits surrounded by a wonderful collection of Bat-vehicles: various Bat-mobiles, Bat-wings, and other Bat-paraphernalia.

Robin's playroom-1

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Stumbling across a pair of 48×48 baseplates in his collection, Joshua Brooks realized a bay for his Viceroy-class battlecruiser the IFS ILLIES (221) would look awesome. The ILLIES looks quite at home in this brilliantly detailed landing bay, getting re-armed by the loading crane. Under the watchful eye of the control tower, the ILLIES looms over the general hustle and bustle of the hanger floor. The multi-storeyed building, parked cars, small space-craft, and truck making a turn on the road give you a sense of the gigantic scale of the vessel.

Landing Bay D3, IFNB Discoera, Alphanta

Armed to the teeth with an assortment of cannons, lasers, and turrets, this ship looks like a sleek and precision-engineered instrument of brute force. And with its own mini docking bay and fleet of small fighters, it seems ready to take on any hostile targets.

IFS ILLIES hanger bay, SHIPtember 2016

Check out Joshua’s previously featured Shallow Water Assault Patrol Enforce and AH8-Raptor.

Alexander Blais has perfectly captured Mettaton, the mono-wheeled, human-killing robotic television star of the Underground, from the fantastically quirky retro role-playing game Undertale. This charming rendition uses simple techniques to create the robot with a SOUL. I like the use of minifig hands to represent the dials under his screen, which cleverly uses flat plates to mimic the heart on his display. How would you fight this maniacal metal menace?

Metal Crusher

Check out the other LEGO Undertale characters that we’ve featured here previously.

Ford fans will love Luke C‘s baby blue ’64 Country Sedan station wagon sporting hand-painted whitewall tires and roof rack with surfboard. I like how Luke has used the light grey and white pieces to create the reflection of the silver stripe down the side of the car, plus the offset grilled pieces sitting at an angle to recreate the recognizable front grill.

1964 Ford Country Wagon

This sleek design also features functioning steering, doors, tailgate, glove box and of course working hood with detailed engine bay.

1964 Ford Country Wagon

eyescream54 certainly has an eye for mid-century modern architecture — this beauty looks like it belongs in Beverly Hills during Hollywood’s Golden Era. The decorative tile work adorning the front of this delightful home is exquisite. The builder has used different shapes and angles, contrasting each other and coming together splendidly. I like the little details like the light above the front door, the air conditioning unit on the finely crafted roof, and the shrub with the purple flowers.

6060 Alta road

The real surprises are around the back, where the house shows off its sharp lines and beautiful design. An interior is visible through the large ranch-style sliding doors leading out to a private pool and garden patio. Conjuring imagery of glamorous parties and fancy soirées, it’s not hard to imagine Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and Frank Sinatra living it up at a place like this.

6060 Alta road back

Getting the beautiful curves for the Porsche Carrera accurate with LEGO bricks seems like an impossible task, but Senator Chinchilla has accomplished it with their stunning 2016 series. The builder has bravely chosen to sculpt in black, one of the more complicated of colors to photograph. Although in this case, it helps illustrate the serious brickwork and intricate construction that has gone in to the creation of the Carrera’s fine lines and shapely panels.

Porsche 911 Carrera

The builder has also included a fully detailed stylish interior featuring bucket seats, air vents, gear stick and working glove compartment. This stunning machine looks like it could be Gone in Brixty Seconds.

Porsche 911 Carrera

Jonas Obermaier has left milk and cookies out for Santa in his lovely little sign-off piece for the year. A nicely decorated warm fire place with plenty of logs stacked next to it, a beautifully decorated tree loaded with presents, a cozy living room with plenty of character. In Jonas’ words “I wish you all a merry christmas, happy holidays with your family and a happy new year :)”

Merry Christmas everyone!

And for anyone curious, yes that rug is a legitimate LEGO piece. It’s from the DUPLO set 5598 Dino Valley.

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