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where did this all come from?

where did this all come from?

i have spent years working behind the scenes in events, infront of the scenes and around the scenes

i have run businesses in fast foods, film & tv and information technology

i have worked for education facilities, taught film & tv and information technology

i have photographed sporting events, racecar events, weddings, graduations, and school photos

i have led workgroups for business mentors and team building activites for corporate groups

i have filmed sporting events,  some on wheels, on and under the water, short films, music videos and brick films

i have written about and created brick displays and honed my brick artistry and talent

i have a vision of engaging in meaningful, interesting conversations, in a playful and creative environment

i have an offer for my kids of something that i never had that would have helped me see my true value a lot earlier

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